The Diet is now in recess in session.

This fruit doesn't taste good.

Such being the case, I could not be present.

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What did you grill?

The government of this country oppresses its people.

Annie is still groggy and disorientated.

I really enjoyed myself tonight.

I just got the news.


The first one leaves at 17.30 and arrives at 20.25.

I am dying for you.

They're my allies.


Wade and Duane are college students.

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I suggest we get back to business.

Val is more experienced in business than me.

I regret what happened to him.


Rik hates your guts.

What do you remember?

I love you and I want to marry you.

Vladislav doesn't like fishing.

Did you tell Andre when we expect him to be here?

'Aha', they will say.

The air is bad here. Will you open the window?

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The users of Tatoeba don't want Maureen to die.

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There is a grain of truth in everything.

It is not moralism.

Honestly, I can't trust him.

I want to recover my valuables.

They parted with a firm handshake.

The boy splashed about in the tub.

Caroline has finally done what we asked him to do.

He is familiar with Japanese culture.

I fell in love with Hon.


I have to ask Kit first.


He led a life of vice.

Seen at a distance, she looked like a woman of about fifty.

I can do that for her, unlike you.


Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

The bat was stolen yesterday, along with the balls.

I am eating pasta.


The meeting dragged on.

I was told to learn this poem by heart by the end of this week.

Where are your credit cards?

The Latin verb has six infinitives.

This is the doctor whom I spoke of last night.


They can't stop you.

Moran can't sing very well.

Wes put the toys in the basket.


I grind my coffee by hand with a coffee grinder with a crank handle.

This is what you must do.

You logged on ?

She can understand everything I am saying.

It's the logical thing to do.

Can I come in?

I have not forgotten your treachery.


Please explain the procedure.


I'll just go check.

The toilet is upstairs.

Of course, he is right.

You've overdone it.

I read comic books.

Welcome back, Andre. We've missed you.

The aggression was provoked by all those gratuitous insults.

What are you so angry about?

Aristotle believed that everything on Earth was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.


Everybody is equal before the law.

You talk to me about that.

It's a no-brainer.

I am not used to drinking coffee without sugar.

I said that I did not love him nor would I ever love him.


I thought Henry would meet Julia.


She is not eligible for marriage.

Where did you get that piece of wire?

I'm no one special.

One day, Kay and Gerda sat looking at a book full of pictures of animals and birds.

Your room is out of order.

Do you think she still wants to marry me?

She advised him to drink more milk.

She made her husband an apple pie.

It wasn't me.

If you heat ice, it melts.

He didn't even say good-bye.


Jess is very choosy.

Tracy asked Nathan if she enjoyed opera.

The tired old lady had bags under her eyes.

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Howard is hoping you'll do it.

I'll get my diploma in two years.

I like that young man.

Jos made us do our homework before dinner.

I don't like him, but I like her.

You should try not to scratch your insect bites.

We're both a lot older now.

It's not deep enough.

I'm of no use to you here.

She insisted on applying for a part-time job.

The company is at the end of its rope.


We go to Mario's house every Saturday.

Tatoeba: Let the fittest sentence survive!

Is this a coincidence?

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The police considered the crime to be serious.

You can go wherever you want to go.

Many children at this school are malnourished.


Manolis, wake up. It's me.


Didn't you hear me call?

Business expenses are tax-deductible.

After this storm it will be cooler.

This oil well is going to make me rich.

There's still a fair bit of work to be done.

I don't think Stephe would do that on purpose.

Good night, dream something nice!


Marci bought a new camera.

Nietzsche said, "Battle ye not with monsters, lest monsters ye become."

I'm not fat. I'm just a little overweight.

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He doesn't speak English either.


There stands a beautiful church on the hill.

She's smart and quite lovely.

I will only buy the car if they repair the brakes first.

I wish it was Valentine's Day.

You drove.

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Are you sure you don't want me to help you with your homework?

I'm three years younger than Andrea.

It's necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.


Ken and his brother are very alike.

When you're enjoying yourself, the time seems to fly by.

A lot of car accidents occurred last year.

Can you name the two countries in the world that border on three oceans?

Polly gave me 300 dollars.


Christmas is just a week away.

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Nicolo let me down.


Illness kept me from attending the meeting.


I've been very busy lately.

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Could you please speak more quietly? I feel hungover.

She was a genius in mathematics.

Do you think anyone will volunteer?

The knife has a very sharp edge.

Turn around and close your eyes.

I'll tell Emma the truth when the time comes.

I told him he should leave it , but he did it anyway.


I'm not going to complain.


I've never seen him so angry.

Don't overreact to the bad news -- take it easy.

We should've stayed in Boston for a few more days.

Brad drank the glass of vodka.

I can't work with him.

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Ethan needs help.

I know you used to live in Boston.

Stones don't float.

Have your soup without making noise.

Anna seemed pleasantly surprised.


I think I'll throw some of my old clothes away.

I thought you had all the answers.

My mother hasn't slept in 3 days due to her illness.

They are so much alike that I don't know which is which.

He really wants to work as a translator.


Stephe is standing.

I think Malcolm is the one who'll win.

If you wanted to improve your Spanish, you shouldn't have come to Chile.

I make an honest living.

She makes excellent meals in the blink of an eye.


Linder was scared.